Interior Designing in India

Vinod comes with over 5 years of experience at the forefront of the design industry, It was our relentless passion for design at an early age, which kick started the designing career moving out of 16 years of IT company job. my first commission, to design a family friend’s home renovation, has led to businesses continuously seeking our unparalleled expertise.The decor style is a subtle coordinated fusion of East meets West, clean lines and neutral tones, blended with charming warmth and sumptuous opulence and fearless experiment with colors and schemes, Our portfolio boasts a diverse selection of projects from small to large scale.

We are extremely passionate about making design ethos accessible to the masses hence we are in a process of launching a signature home decor store which would feature affordable luxury products, will also include a range of self-designed home products like Furnitures, Drapes, Mirrors, accessories, bed linen, cushions, candles, lights, all carrying iconic style, which is still available off store at present based on order.
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-Who are we?

V Designs Factory is a passion driven interior and furniture designing firm in Bangalore.

-What we do?

Turn-key Home Interiors, Furniture, Accessories, Landscaping & more.

-What do we believe in?

Principles & Ethics Above All,We believe in being transparent to the client and do not work on a commission basis with vendors and contractors, we pass on the benefit directly to the end client.

Mr. Sunil Chhetri

(Indian Football Team Captain)

Mr.Karan Negi

(Sr.Manager Amazon UK)

Mr.Zafeer Ahmed

(Chairman, People Nest)


(Manager IT, Intel)

Mr.Sachin Tewari

(IT Director, NTT)

Mr.Prasanna Paul

(Sr.Manager Cisco)

Mr.Rahul Pradhan

(Sr.Manager, JP Morgan)

Mr.Sathish T

(Director, Dell EMC)

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