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Opening Lines for Internet Dating – The Pretty Pet Opener

Opening Lines for Internet Dating – The Pretty Pet Opener

Our Member

Occupation: Strategy Analyst

Appealing Archetype: “Successful & Established”

Their Dating Assistant

Dating Provider We Applied:


The Girl

Occupation: Grad Scholar

Personality: “Cat & Book”, “Family First”, “Sweetheart”

Turn 1

The most readily useful opening lines for internet dating come from your own gut. This woman had a photo by having an adorable small puppy. Any girl whom includes an image with an animal that is cute very easy to deliver an initial message to. right right Here ended up being my opening gambit:

“If you & your dog get together being a package, this could be the very best 2 for 1 deal happening okcupid…”

“Haha, well I hate to burst your bubble, but that sweet pup really belongs to a pal of mine. I’ve never owned your pet dog and feel horribly deprived due to it.”

She’s reacted with an opportunity that is great tease her. Whom into the global world hasn’t owned your dog?

Change 2

She’s got an excellent woman next home types of profile, therefore as opposed to offer her too much an occasion, we opt to follow through with only a little jealously plot line, to include some drama to your discussion;

“Well if that’s the case, it is a a valuable thing you’re also adorable. I’d hate to take a romantic date together with your buddy, and then make use of her for this kind of awesome dog photo op..”

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