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12-Year-Old Daughter Says She’s Bisexual – Parents Ask WTF?!

12-Year-Old Daughter Says She’s Bisexual – Parents Ask WTF?!

Within our community, it really is completely stylish for young ones to express they have been bisexual, homosexual or higher “exotic”.

Hi Amy! Within the last few three months, my girl that is 12-year-old has me personally she identifies as bisexual. I’m cool with that. Absolutely nothing modifications. I’ve always attempted to make use of basic language around whom my young ones are drawn to and I’m open to learning more info on her.

Listed here are my issues:

Whenever achieved it be anyone’s company besides hers along with her household’s and close friends. She’s telling everybody at college. Peers are asking everyone else during the cafeteria dining table. Often she defiantly simply informs some body arbitrarily.

Perhaps I’m not swept up to your tradition? In my own time, we didn’t talk cash, intimate orientation, or faith. And in the past we assumed individuals were “normal”. That wasn’t a thing that is good. It is this better?

To label everyone and have now it is an interest with acquaintances, maybe not close friends even? Within our community, she’s fairly safe as it’s a liberal environment. But we be concerned about the larger globe plus the implications of telling random individuals.

Having said that, I don’t her to feel she’s got to disguise. Uggh. This will be hard!

We wonder just how much from it is peer relevant (her homeschool/Girl Scouts community is apparently each girls that are gay statistically We realize that’s not right), exactly how much from it is the fact that 12- year-old men are icky, smelly humans?
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